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Extremely Low Coefficient of Friction

The Poly-Ond® coating provides exceptional lubricity, with a coefficient of friction of .06 when measured with a 200-pound kinetic load.

Polymer resins are infused throughout the thickness of the Poly-Ond® coating, providing continued dry lubricity, even after commencement of surface wear. Poly-Ond’s® dry lubricity eliminates product contamination problems common with liquid lubricants. Poly-Ond® has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, so it can have direct contact with food.

Unlike liquid lubricants that solidify at low temperatures, Poly-Ond® performs consistently across a wide temperature range.

Performance In Action

Poly-Ond® applied to both contact surfaces of the steel guide plate components of an extrusion machine for plastics shows no evidence of wear after 3 1/2 years of continuous use.


Poly-Ond Performance:

Poly-Ond® is a proprietary, dry, durable, and slippery coating. Poly Plating’s exclusive liquid bath process makes a chemical deposition of nickel and phosphorus, impregnated with polymers, on the surface of metals. The result is a range of unique performance properties unmatched by any other metal plating technology.

Poly-Ond® was developed by Poly-Plating, Inc., a family owned business founded in 1976. Now in its second generation of ownership and management, the company has enjoyed continuing success through technological innovation and customer commitment. We offer normal 3-5 day turnaround from the time work is received until it is ready for shipment. Special rush arrangements made in advance can provide turnaround as fast as 24 hours.

Poly-Plating, Inc., has a long-standing record of environmental stewardship, including surpassing 500 other Massachusetts companies to win the Governor’s Award for Toxic Waste Reduction. We’re cutting costs for our customers while improving the environment.

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Photo enlargement cross section of the coating showing the infusion of high lubricity polymers throughout the thickness of the Poly-Ond® Coating.